Tis The Season To Saving

The holiday season is the most financially dangerous time of the year. There are all the parties that must be attended, the gifts that must be given, and the restaurant meals that must be eaten due to the countless hours of shopping. Because of the beauty of it all, we don’t realize the damage done to our finances … Read more

Building A Financial Home

Being an architect, I know a little about building design and construction. Which I must admit is more complicated than people think it is. So, when I began to think about building a financial home my architectural training enlightens my decision making. Many might say that a financial plan is the foundation of building a financial home. I … Read more

Investing Terms We Should All Know

The more people I speak to about investing, the more I recognize that many of us do not understand the various financial terms we hear in the media. The terms and the concepts all seem so confusing, overwhelming and complicated. Many of us are mesmerized as the media tries to explain what the stock market is and how … Read more

Can Money Buy You Happiness?

How many times have you heard someone say money can’t buy you happiness? That statement is usually followed up with “you can’t take it with you.” These types of statements are often used when referring to someone being “cheap.” I typically hear these comments from people who do not have money. But somehow, they always seem to have … Read more

How to Save A Million Dollars

Many people I know are always dreaming of having a six-figure salary and/or having a million dollars in savings. Both of these are awesome goals but are not necessarily tied together. One can have a million dollars in savings without making six-figures and of course one can have a six-figure salary without have a single dollar in saving … Read more

Woke and Broke; Is That Where You Are?

It seems that we have entered a new era of being woke. Woke to the society’s social ills, woke to political injustices, woke to unfair policing. But what is missing from these discussions is the need for true financial literacy. Now there are large numbers of woke people in Americans who are taking to the streets to protest … Read more